Zachg is proof that cannabis is not harmful, and his thoroughly weeded life is proof that cannabis can be used to make you a better person. Zachg gets high every day, he used to sell weed, he started the first medical cannabis column on a national news outlet, and he's made a music career out of the superpowers that weed bestows upon him. Zach grew up in South Florida where his dad's job as a criminal defense attorney put his family in many extraordinary situations, such as being placed under police protection after Griselda Blanco threatened to kill them all. It also meant that Zach grew up keenly aware of how the police truly operate, and after being arrested at 8 he was destined for a path that put him at odds with the law. But, he was smart and he managed to make it out of his 20s with only 2 more arrests. 

Zach balanced criminal impulses with a firm dedication to his music. Music offers a means to expend energy productively, but it also offers a structure for the future which serves as a counterbalance against brash decisions that might lead to destructive consequences. He researched the history of sampling and earned an MA at NYU, he learned to make videos, make beats, mix songs, develop brand strategies, run marketing campaigns, et cetera. As an artist Zach has always rushed to undertake every element required to realize his visions, and this dedication has kept him focused on the behaviors of a positive productive life, always doing more. By using cannabis to help mediate the emotional and psychological stresses of his struggles Zach maintained a steady focused course.

He left Broward County for Orlando, New York, Humboldt County, Oakland, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and eventually Los Angeles in pursuit of the means to realize his potential. He struggled with homelessness, isolation, failure, poverty, and the general dejection that comes with sacrificing comfort in order to achieve a self-realized creative career. And through it all, a daily regimen of cannabis, healthy foods, and sensible exercise gave him the strength to continue.

The result is a unique artist, and a splendid human being whose blood is at least 20% cannabis. His style is unmistakably South Florida, and while he's no stranger to the savagery that defines his home, he'd rather carry himself under the auspices of its absurdity. His writing reveals a cavernous depth that twists and turns, carving out seemingly impossible passageways through the pillars of language that signify hip hop and our times. This is Leonard Cohen crossed with Andre 3000, and Brian Eno. This is Robert Rauschenberg commissioned for a Simpson's episode. And  he'll pass you some wax or some weed, and share the excellent meal he just prepared, because Zach is a gentleman.