Zach Moldof  is a brand director & creative extraordinaire. 


Self Portrait 2017. Collage on paper.


Hi. My name is Zach and I've been doing brand direction for 7 years. My focus is using the internet for success in business at any scale. I know how niche cultures function–both on and off the internet. And, I know how to effectively deliver your brand to your niche audience every time.

Whether effective means getting people to your site, producing an organic marketing campaign to increase your followers, hosting events to launch new markets, developing creative direction for a photoshoot, or anything else, I'm really good at it.

Whether you need to figure out the branding for your new venture, build out infrastructure for a social media team, or run a campaign for a launch I can help, and I'm really excited about it. You can take a look below for an intro to my work, but I'd much rather talk to you about what I can do for you, than have you try and figure it out from some words and pictures on the internet.

My creativity is the most easily recognized aspect of my work capacity, but I'm also incredibly business savvy thanks to 22 years of work experience across a wide variety of roles in different industries. I'm great with spreadsheets, reports, and presentations. Please do contact me if you're level-headed, and enjoy having fun when you work hard. I appreciate working with people who recognize my expertise, and value my contributions.



Zach's 6 Fingers of Legibility in the Digital Age


Linda Perry is a legacy artist who never had a proper presence on the internet. I conceived a brand around the idea that Linda is a self-taught musician, and outspoken LGBT woman who has a ton to offer the young generation. Her site focuses on 4 web series, and collections of free samples from Linda's bountiful studio. I also overhauled her IG, and built an array of organic marketing plans. 


This is the first episode of Linda Perry's web series Real to Reel. Everything you see here was done by me from concept to post. Everyone knows how important video is today, but few people can truly harness that power for your business because it takes much more than a video. I can work wonders on any budget.

Graphic Arts

I'm fortunate to be an artist born in the last days before the internet. I grew up with an aesthetic sensibility defined by what I sought out, and informed primarily by skateboarding. In college I began exploring various artforms, and in grad school I refined my taste. Today I am an incredibly capable graphic artist. I am equally comfortable with computer or paper, and my best work always combines the two.


We are all photographers today. So, the difference between good and bad photography is in the nuances of the artist's sensibilities, and the professional's ability to deliver consistent results. I don't bill myself as a photographer, because I'm not that. I'm a very talented creative who can get incredible results with a camera. I can't guarantee you the right shot in any setting. What I can guarantee you is the right photos for your business, your brand, and any story you need to tell. 


I've been making music for half my life. But more importantly, I've spent the last 17 years doing extensive research on all different kinds of music, how it relates to the communities it comes from, and what that music means when it reaches new communities. A lot of people know how to make music. Very few people know how to use music effectively as a tool for business. I'm the super rare kind, and I have a mastery of the whole process from inception to distribution. I'm a 1 man studio and label.


I write really well. Whether it's copy for a website, or an article for an international news organization I've proven that I have a mastery of the written word. In a time when everyone is inundated with messages everywhere, it's really important that any messages you're sending out hit their target with the utmost efficacy. When I put my writing skills to use for you incredible things can happen. 

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