Samplt is an app that I developed and designed from 2012 to 2016. It started out when I recognized the massive gap in the music marketplace: music industry incumbents are trying to sell art to an audience that is made up of artists. Artists don't want to buy art, but they do want to buy exciting materials for making art. So, why not use iTunes to sell sample kits? Over the next 4 years the idea developed and eventually became the Samplt app. Samplt allows people to share, download, and sell sounds. Plain and simple.

My background isn't in code, so I designed and concepted all I could, but this one never came to fruition. The concepts were developed from ideas that started in a previous business, and Samplt played an essential role in the further development of those concepts, and those concepts formed the basis for Twin Beast. Plus this was a great exercise in design. It's still up for grabs if you have a pile of money and you want to build a great app.