#SophistOTroll: Grammys

duke ellington 1959.jpg

Music that came out in 2012 wins Grammys in 2014. Stone age, or internet age? As far as I can tell, winning a grammy is akin to getting a handjob from an ex-girlfriend, who you dumped, who has gone blind since yall broke up, and has no internet or television. She only has a radio. And the only people that come to visit her are old guys who own record labels, and don't pay attention to the nation's music except where it overlaps with their business' music. 

The "people" who vote on the Grammys aren't out there researching music and getting to the core of what happened last year in our nation's music. The "people" who vote on Grammys choose candidates from a very short list, that has nothing to do with what's going on in our nation, and everything to do with what's going on in their pitifully reductive social circles. 

And I truly do pity these folks. In an age where everything is flourishing around us, they're living like it's 1955, and they still know the same people and are truly clueless about the world at large. 

Zach MoldofComment