Out The Mouth: Dream Dior

"We live in a Post-Industrial era, on the very cusp of a changing zeitgeist. What we knew to be true of the world and what was necessary to succeed in it, as recently as 15...even 10 years ago, is now a blueprint for failure in life. This is the de facto existential bend of our time; exploring and defining a nascent era, whose existence and how to navigate it, is still largely abstract.

Using a vocal sample from Boyz II Men's "On Bended Knee" to create a soundscape inspired by this Post-Industrial reflection, "DOWN X GOD" is an anthropomorphic stream of consciousness about establishing, specifically, one's place in today's rap culture, and generally, one's place in tomorrow's world. God and sex being two of the most prevalent systems of control from the modern era that brought us here, deification and sexualization are liberally tossed about in reference to rap, sports, drugs, fashion...even in double and triple entendre hat-tips to religion and sex, themselves. 

The song itself doesn't present any omniscient answers, let alone pose any specific questions towards our condition, but rather serves as a stream of consciousness meant to inspire the listener to ask themselves the questions that make them aware of this new era of exploration we are all taking part in.

Dream Dior is currently working on his Black Swan EP. He can often be found on twitter, where creating music and other tasks are regularly put on the back burner."

-Dream Dior