Out the Mouth: Devon Kelts of Mosaics

1.) What's your name?

Devon Kelts


2). What's your music name? 

A member of Mosaics


3). Where did that name come from? 

The method of arrangement we used to layer unique samples of guitar lent itself to the name 'Mosaics'. It arose in a very organic fashion. I remember distinctly the recording session in which we the word came out of our mouths and we said "Hey that's it! That's going to be our band name!"


4). How long have you been making music? 

I've been playing the guitar for around 9 years however I discovered composition later in my musical career. When it comes to making music, I've been doing that for around 4 years.


5). What was your first project? 

My first project was with producer Tyler Hill and it was called Form440. It was our first foray in trying to unite acoustic guitar playing and electronic music production.


6). What was your last project? 

We started recording our last project took about a year and half ago. That is our Mosaics 'Of Colors' LP which just released. Interestingly enough, none of the material from our prior EP made it on to our current LP. We wanted to revamp our sound and take things to the next level. 


7). Where did you record this music? 

The recording process took place in our bedrooms. Literally. Whenever we would have time to create, we would set up in one of our houses and go for it. It was pretty comical at times as the amount of ambient noise we had to mitigate got ridiculous at times. Our producer, Tyler Hill, lived one of the more "vibrant" blocks of the Tenderloin so we had to re-record often due to the insane cacophony that would constantly be erupting from the street below.


8). How long did it take from start to finish? 

From start to finish the record took about 1 year and 4 months to create a total of 9 new tracks. 


9/10). Did anyone else help with it? Who are they and what did they do? 

The talented Ken Lee mastered the record for us. He definitely gave it the professional finish our record needed to get it to the next level.


11). Anything impede the making of this record? 

To be honest with you, the writing process was generally smooth. We managed to stay highly focused and creative on a consistent basis. We did however get incredibly burned out toward the end of the record. 


12). You can only perform 2 songs from this record, which 2? Why? 

Two songs to perform form this record? Submit because it's just so much fun to play on the guitar and it's totally raw.  The other song would be GLAM due to its energy and chorus sections. GLAM also invites the audience to hum along ultimately creating a more interactive experience for the music. Personally I crave intensity in music and these two pieces of music satisfy that immensely. out