Out The Mouth: War Of Icaza (SLAVE LANGUAGE)

1.) What's your name?

Nicarao “Jerry” Chimalli.

2). What's your music name?

War of Icaza.

3). Where did that name come from? 

It originally came from combining my 2 European family names “Warbritton” & “Icaza” so War of Icaza, but the meaning to me slowly transformed the more I read my family history. So now it literally means the war against European (more specifically Spanish) oppressors, hence the name “Icaza”. The original Icaza family from Spain came to the Americas as plantation owners & slavers, so either my ancestry is mixed with the Icaza Family blood line or whenever my Indigenous family was baptized they could have been given this name by the Catholic Church. Regardless the Icaza name represents European colonists who came here & enslaved the indigenous population & supported the "American genocide”.

4.) How long have you been making music?

Ive been playing drums & doing scream vocals off & on since i was 11 & when i was 17 i got into rapping & freestyling. But all together i did not seriously making music til i was 18/19.

5). What was your first project?

Technically my first project was in 8th grade in a hardcore band called “A Fatal Fall” hahaha but my first “real project” was a solo artist mixtape called Bare Nips i dropped in early 2012 with my collective at the time Dapper Brigada under the name Jerry DuB. As far as War of Icaza (my new band) goes our first project is "SLAVE LANGUAGE".

6). What was your last project?

my latest project is “SLAVE LANGUAGE”.

7). Where did you record this music?

I recorded the music in Oakland & in New York. But my main writing took place in Nicaragua, LA, & New York.

8). How long did it take from start to finish?

about 8 months all together, and the project didn’t really start to take form until 3 months in.

9). Did anyone else help with it?

Yurrpp, the production company OUNCE. helped all along the way & this project wouldn’t have been possible without them. they helped me find the right producers, engineers, as well shot a couple videos for me. Andreas Brauning was the specific dude from OUNCE. that helped a mentor/mamager/producer that helped me mold my new sound. the homies from RatKing (especially Patrick “Wiki”) also helped a lot as far inspiration goes & always reminding to step my bars up. & it was also Eric “SportingLife” who helped spark my the idea to write music about my history & culture. already i was super invested in learning my families history & participating in Meso-American ceremonies & when i was telling him i was kinda lost as far as inspiration goes he just said why don’t i just talk about everything I’m learning about & going through my mind. from there it spiraled it a whirl wind of endless ideas i wanted to express & represent. so yeee NYC def helped me find my new path & arguably gave new life to my music career. Zach Pandaface (Trash Talk TM /OF fam) also helped a shit ton getting my shit together. & of course my live band members/child hood best friends Jesse Overalls & Justin Lazcano helped a lot with all aspects of my life during making the album.

11). Anything impede the making of this record?

nah we were pretty on schedule with everything, around late July i decided i wanted to drop it on Oct.13th Columbus Day so that gave a solid 2 months to crack down and get it done. music is my top priority so being able/blessed to dedicate practically everyday to this project gave me more than enough to time to have it done on time.

12). You can only perform 2 songs from this record, which 2? Why?

La Migra & Mutt Blood. La Migra is just crazy energy, raw bars, & I’m saying some real shit. like that song makes me wan a stage dive & shit. Then Mutt Blood just has one of my favorite hooks & with drums it rides so hard.