Out the Mouth: Andre Martel ( His Majesty Obscured)


1.) What's your name?

Andre Martel aka The Model aka Mr. Mexico


2). What's your music name?

Andre Model Money Martel


3). Where did that name come from?

Rick "The Model" Martel he's a pro wrestler from the classic era of the 80s and 90s that I loved as a kid.


4.) How long have you been making music?

Since I was 14 but I've been rapping since 19. I'm 27 now so a minute now.


5). What was your first project?

The Toxic Avengers mixtape with my partner Froskees as Shadowrunners.


6). What was your last project?

His Majesty Obscured which just released in October. It took me a year + to write/record. Some songs date back to late 2012.


7). Where did you record this music?

Different places...mainly my room at my old apartment. A couple were recorded at my mom's house and then one at Fro's.


8). How long did it take from start to finish?

I wanna say like 18 months total. The concept first came to me in mid to late 2012. It was going to be a mixtape, than an EP, then I decided to just do an album as it went on. Tracks just kept coming.


9). Did anyone else help with it?

All the producers on it helped me tremendously. And Froskees mixed/mastered the whole thing and helped me set up the tracklisting for it. My girlfriend Bibs helped with the art and photography, and Wavriel who runs SmackDaHoe set up all the promotional side and marketing. He's the one helped me get it out to the people in the format that I wanted.


11). Anything impede the making of this record?

My job and a lot of personal issues that actually in the end helped me write a better record I think. Mostly, just finding the right feeling for each beat. I didn't want to just put anything out.


12). You can only perform 2 songs from this record, which 2? Why?

Border, and Busy. Because they're the two songs I've been waiting my whole life to write.


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