Out the Mouth: Jimmy V

1.) What's your name?

my name is jaimito timontio gonzalves.

2). What's your music name?

you probably know me by one of my music names including but not limited to, jimmy v, jimmy infinity, ferrari rothschild and jason waterfalls, the name i usually use is jimmy v, which in itself is a symbol for my life.

3). Where did that name come from?

my birth last name was wilson and i also considered W to be two V's so i just ran with it, it use to be jimmy tha virus ( which i still go by sometimes) after the philadelphia battle rapper who signed to games black wall street imprint Cyssero The Virus.

4.) How long have you been making music?

i've been making music for about ten years now, i have worked in many different genres but more recently ive been doing hip hop for about 5 years now. now when i mean making music, i started off with experimental / noise production, moved into noise collages and synth driven psychadelic music, experimnetal freak folk, picked up guitar wrote some short shoegaze ballads, finally when i went to college i took up english as a hobby, reading and getting into poetry. i kinda smuggled myself into hip hop and as it stand right now, i make sneaker gaze ( shoegaze music with hip hop and urban elements) acid punk styling music, experimental r&b and just vibes all around light and dark.

5). What was your first project?

my very first project was probably subcuboid black beard released in 03, but of my recent stint my "first project"  Inland Empire named after the movie of the same type, but a double entendre in my eyes in the sense that it was about the empire inside of my mind, every song being a little bit different, being symbolic in their own way. from just abstractions from the imagination to cryptic personal issues thrown in the middle of a word salad so i didn't expose my self too much.

6). What was your last project?/ 7). Where did you record this music?

Virus was recorded in my room over a series of a couple of months, it was very different approach to my other projects because i didn't set a release date and try to meet the date, i figured id set the date when i was done with the project, allowing it to be crafted slower, put more love and creativity into it, but with this being said, i began to realize i only recorded when i was on acid, so that made it very weird for this tape. because i had 4 or 5 sessions of about 8 hours each, and the rest was just sober mixing and mastering, so it really is weird to me at this point in time. with the end result of these drug upped studio sessions, and to be honest the tape is just a vibe in a half every song is a different vibe, styling or genre if u will but because they are all so vibey it fits together so well.

8). How long did it take from start to finish?

i released dreamy v in august so its taken me a few months to muster of virus, working on it in sessions helps a lot to defeat the self loathing and insecurities the artist may face, but it makes the time you spend on it more valuable. id like to drop it in early mid december ( we'll see) so it'll be a whole seasons worth of vibes feelings in a tape.

9). Did anyone else help with it?

i never really want help on my music, or really even ask for it, im a very social artist, i work sooo well with others, but when it comes to my mind and my ideas i never really need help. but with that being said this will also be the first jimmy v tape that has features on it, my brother culorz from portland, who lays the illlllllest verse down on manniquen moments prod by drip 133 , my sister abigail from nyc who set off this song i was having trouble with, called "rain way bounce". i used to just listen to her part because it was soooo serene she just really mustered up this energy on it and maybe one more very rare special feature :p.

11). Did anything impede the making of this record?

the thing that impeded this record along with most of my other records, is that when im working on my solo projects i like to be alone, like completley alone, no one in the room, no one able to hear me, or influence me etc, im not a very private person, but i have a high value on my imagination, and i do not like it to be compromised just by everyday type behaviour so with that being said im a very unusual recording artist.

i might lock my door take some acid and molly stand at the microphone completly naked loop the beat and just over time work something out stream of conscious style, then go back and refine it a litttle bit.

12). You can only perform 2 songs from this record, which 2? Why?

i had a small show in upstate ny december 13th, but the 2 i think i was most excited to play would be seasick again prod hnrk this one because the vibe is so unreal, if i could put a genre on this song it self it would be  Post Medical Aqua R & Bgaze. it just a great song i was able to harness some emotion and spread it out evenly over the track. for the second track it would have to be dirty shit, its just and overall decent song, the production is tight, i love my flow on it, it just smooth and vibey so im excited for that.