R2P2: The Bicycle (video) by Zachg

This is The Bicycle, a song from my debut album South.Florida.Mountains. The song is produced by Turbo Sonidero, and dates back to 2012. With the exception of the studio shots--which were filmed byt he ever gracious Curtis Walker at his Photo Bang Bang studio--the filming, editing, wardrobe, and whatever else you attribute to a video are all on me. Which is why this video continues my candid and uneventful style. I'm an artist realizing my vision, living my life, and having fun without getting stressed. Could I have made this video a big production? Yes. Could I have relied on other people to create it? Yes. 

But that's not why I make rap music. I don't do it so that I can rely on other people. I make rap music because it is such an effective medium for a capable and driven artist. I can come up with an idea, and realize it start to finish on my own. And then everything that you see is just me. No Kanye-type taking credit for the work of countless unnamed practitioners. And with the exception of Turbo Sonidero's beat, William Ryan Fritch's mastering, and the guest appearances on my album, I did everything. Made the beats, recorded it, mixed it, did the art, and released it on my label. 

I don't do this for cool points, or to get rich. I'm 15 years in on rapping already, and I got a lot more time to go. I am in no fucking rush to arrive if the road continues to unravel ahead of me. I hope that you will enjoy this video, and I hope this song will make you dance, or at least wiggle.