Out The Mouth: Kevorkian (Ayo Man Wanna Rap On This Track 2)

1.) What's your name?

My name is Kevin Connelly.

2). What's your music name?

I rap as K.E.V.O.R.K.I.A.N.!!! and blog/tweet as ANIMALKRACKA.

3). Where did that name come from?

K.E.V.O.R.K.I.A.N.!!! comes from mad NY emcess (particularly my favourites from Queens) naming themselves after villains, people of controversy or dictators (e.g. NOREAGA, 8off Agallah, Capone, Fatal Hussein, etc.). I also wanted a name similar to my government name and Kevorkian is like Kev but extra. I also used to be in this duo called A Tribe Called Death, and the fame of Dr. Kevorkian fit that shit. K.E.V.O.R.K.I.A.N.!!! also stands for a few acronyms; one is ketamine, ecstacy, vicodin, opium, ritalin, krills, indica and narcotics... Like Dali once said "I don't do drugs... I AM DRUGS)." I also try to yell my name a few times on every record I'm on. Learned that from Mike Jones.

4). How long have you been making music?

I've been making music for ten years. I only started getting attention for it outside of family and friends since 2011 thanks to the internet.

5). What was your first project?

I still dont have a "solo album"... Im a collaborative type of dude. My first real project was a collaborative project with Sortahuman called Joint Chiefs; i flew down to Alabama and we recorded an album called My Cousin Vinny 2... Like the sequel to the movie! A NY person in Huntsville?! It seemed fitting. I also got a rare ass mixtape floating around the net called "Truthanasia: The Drip Tape" full of music from 2004-2009.

6). What was your last project?

My last project was another Joint Chiefs album with Sortahuman called "The Chiefy Boys"; Joeybagadohnutz had moved to Panama City Beach florida so I flew down there during spring break and we banged that out. Those Southern motherfuckers can drink! JBD stayed with a drink from Pineapple Willy's and Supa has a can of Coors permanately glued to his hand! It was hard keeping up.

7). Where did you record this music?

AYO! Wanna Rap on This Track? vol. 2 was recorded in Oakland at my producer Cyberclops apartment.

8). How long did it take from start to finish?

the AYO project is mad collaborative... Its not all about me. I only got 5 16's on the whole ep, so it only took me two hours to record my verses. We have something like 14 different MC's on it, so it was all about staying on them and making sure they send their verses back on time. After we got all the features back, we sent it to this DJ from Canada, Fester from The Extremities, to do scratches and cuts on it. Once we got all that back... cyberclops mixed it. Whole ep took about two-3 months to conceive and make. Its all about beats and rhymes. Light work.

9). Did anyone else help with it?

Cyberclops. Cyberclops not only splits the bill with me lyrically on AYO! Wanna Rap On This Track? Vol. 2, he also produces the WHOLE thing... All the beats and mixing. The features are a mix of tumblrground MCs Im cool with who i think are lyrically up to par... And a bunch of legit west coast "back pack" type of rappers that Cyberclops knows. The idea was to blend the two scenes like Marvel vs. DC... Like worlds collide! A lot of performance heavy rappers dont have a good internet presence and a lot of people like me who stayed on twitter for the past 4 years never perform (haha)... We can all rap though! We're just trying to keep Hip Hop alive and relevant anyway i can.

11). Anything impede the making of this record?

nothing impeded this! You would think coordinating all the features and shit would, but we got everything back timely! Easy peasy!

12). You can only perform 2 songs from this record, which 2? Why?

"Permanent",  because its just me and Clops, and "Mystique" because I say a bunch of crazy shit about going to Target and shooting at mannequins. Good stuff.


The AYO! Series came about because me and Cyberclops have known each other for years in Northern Cali and always wanted to do a project where we use his beats to showcase our rapper friends who rap ill. We wanted to make a tape that had a classic feel and cohesion, so getting Uncle Fester to do scratches and cuts is the glue that holds it together. We also wanted to let the rappers do what they do best, so we did not tell them what to rap about at all! We also wanted to give the album a "cipher" feel by straying from the verse-chorus-verse style (which I think is really pop and not Hip Hop), and not really fuck with choruses (except for JBD's hook he came up with for "Back At It" and we got this amazing guy with pipes who can wail, Peter Feliciano to sing the hook on "Shine"). My two favorite tracks on the tape are "Porterhouse" cause I've been wanting to work with Noah 23, and I was amped to get Woozy Medz on Mystique; he's got this classic LA underground flow... He's the truth.
My personal influences in rap are all the Queens NY staples: Nas, Mobb Deep, Cormega, NORE, Kool G Rap. However, I've moved around a lot, and my tastes have changed over the years. I moved to The Bay in '04, so I saw that Hyphy movement and loved all that. I fuck with a lot of Southern rap... like Young Jeezy is still my shit. Thug Motivation 101 is still my shit. The voice of KEVORK comes from my Dad. He's got a nasal NY accent from Brooklyn and sounds like me rapping when he yells. People think I sound like B-Real, but I sound like my pops when he's mad.
I got my start recording when I met BOATS out in Cali in like '04. We recorded a few tracks, and then Poe from Ear Peace Records heard me and I recorded a few with him. I reunited with BOATS in '09 as KEVORKIAN! and we rebranded our musical union as A Tribe Called Death or ATCD. Once we had a few songs, I got on Twitter and networked like crazy with mad people I perceived as being in that same Bedroom Recording vibe as me and BOATS. They liked it. I cut a few tracks with these people, got on a few blogs and now I'm here.... Which is nowhere and everywhere at the exact same time hahah