Out The Mouth: Typical Black Punks aka Tedy Brewski (Black Friday)

Black Friday by Typical Black Punks

1.) What's your name?

My name is Booker Evans. I am 24 years old. I was born in Chicago and lived there up until around the new millennium when I moved to Connecticut where I live today.

2). What's your music name?

Tedy Brewski aka Tedy aka Hentai Waterfalls aka DJ Lalomila aka Typical Black Punk aka Big Habeebi

3). Where did that name come from?

I mainly go by Tedy Brewski which started off as my drinking game type of alter ego. Teddy is my middle name. Originally I was going with Teddy Booker but I wanted it to look iller so I dropped the extra D. Tedy Bruschi is the name of a hall of fame New England Patriots Linebacker and I kinda stole his steeze. Initially I thought he was going to retire and disappear like most athletes do but now I see him on ESPN everyday and it kinda makes me feel like a swagger jacker. I'm trying to phase out of that name but it's too dope and everyone knows me by it already. At the same time I'm happy that it's a play on words and not an all out identity theft like Rick Ross or 50 Cent.

This moniker I'm going with for the most recent project is Typical Black Punks. I think it might originate from this youtube video from Florida where this old white guy is arguing with this young black kid. In the video he calls him Typical Punk Black. That may have been in my subconscious when I came up with the idea. One day about two or three years ago, I was messing with New Wave samples and singing in this comical Morrisey impression voice and I just started chanting Typical Black Punks. I think thats where this project was born. The idea is to actually really learn about the music and the culture and eventually form a group or at the very least some type of live show. Punk is definitely a good place to start because its simpler and more inclusive than other genres. The first guys who made Punk music didn't even know how to play their instruments in the same way I don't know how to play the guitar or piano but I can still make some dope shit straight from my computer.

4.) How long have you been making music?

I started when I was 13. It was around the time when 8 Mile came out and battle rapping was big. I would be online on all those battle rap websites trying to win these "audio battles". My record was pretty dismal but I loved it, I'm not sure why. I slowly got discouraged from battling so I went into making beats. I bounced around from rapping to making beats for years till i found my lane in 2010.

5). What was your first project?

My first project was All American Indulgence in 2010. I think there may be a rare link on youtube. It did well locally at least with my high school friends. I have good memories of my first time recording in a studio. Its awesome when you get a good take and see what everyone in the room thinks about it.

6). What was your last project?

My most recent project is Typical Black Punks - Black Friday.

7). Where did you record this music?

I recorded this music at my house. I've been lucky enough to learn a lot from some of the engineers and producers I've worked with in the past.

8). How long did it take from start to finish?

It took about a month and a half. I took a break from music for awhile because my stuff wasn't really impressing me anymore. So I was working this shitty job where they would drive us to different towns and we would hand out flyers for the election. You basically go door to door handing out these pamphlets trying to tell people to vote for some guy who may or may not do what he promises. This shit kinda pissed me off because most people treat you like shit and think your soliciting when your’e just trying to help them be informed voters. Everyday in the car there would be some music blasting from the radio and I would just think, 'man I can do that, what the fuck am i doing in this car'. At that point I had started playing around with some sounds. Eventually I got chased by some dogs and I caught some mean cuts and I said fuck this and quit and took another month to round out the concept and finish the album. Sometimes something as shitty as getting fucked up by some dogs is actually a good thing because you'll get that time to reassess what you are doing and get back to what you love. Feel me? Sometimes we make decisions solely based on money and I think this album is about getting away from that. I definitely appreciate that job though, it taught me some perseverance, if I can knock on some random people's doors and talk about some shit I only half believe in then I can only imagine what I can do with music and art that I love.

9). Did anyone else help with it?

I did it all solo. I still don't know whether thats a good thing or a bad thing. The unfortunate thing is that everyone is so busy. Most of the time when I work I try and get into a zone. Like this music is sweaty and gross, not taking a shower for 5 days music. I don't think anyone is down to chill with me when I'm doing shit like that. So it's definitely really hard to collab. You can do it through the internet but you don't really get the same emotional connection as in person. On top of that there’s the actual work schedule to survive. Usually after a day of work I just want to get into fetal and scroll twitter mindlessly while ESPN is playing in the background.

I did use some samples and in some cases just rapped over the top of great instrumentals. On the song Naked and Wasted I just wrote a song on top of Fugazi's 'Sweet and Low'. On Headshot, I rearranged the song 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' by The Stooges. There are some other samples but I definitely count those cover songs and interpolations as outside help. Without the real originators I wouldn't have been able to get some of my ideas into existence.

11). Anything impede the making of this record?

Being young and broke impedes with making music.

12). You can only perform 2 songs from this record, which 2? Why?

I would perform Drug Free America and Quarantine because when I made those songs I literally moshed back and forth in my room for hours daily. My room is only ten feet wide but I would just run back and forth for at least an hour daily; the most fun I've had in a year. Bedroom slam dancing is the future of music son.