I’m annoyed. I’m like really. Fucking. ANNOYED. After seven years of worshipping, honoring, all around filling my entire being with marijuana I have gone cold turkey and right now I’m KILLING MYSELF. Not really. I’ve actually handled it way better than I previously thought I would. Despite having to relearn to eat and staying up all night like a raccoon; I’ve achieved a sort of clarity unbeknownst to me since I started smoking da herb.  

I was a classic w e e d h e d. Wake up. Smoke. Shower. Smoke. Oh there’s a cloud in the sky shaped like a nug? Smoke. I see a bird. Smoke. You’re rolling a blunt? Let’s smoke some weed while we wait to smoke some weed. You get the general idea. I was addicted, as gay as that sounds. At first I’d do everything high because it makes really anything more fun but eventually it stopped being for fun and became necessary to get me through the day. I truly couldn’t envision myself not high.




Anyway back to being annoyed. I don’t know why I’m annoyed all I know is that normally I’d pack a fatty bowl and smoke that shit until I’d feel comfortably numb. This newfound sobriety has given me lots of time to look at my life and myself. Instead of lighting up and marinating in bed alone or on a couch with friends I’m forced to do other things. I’ve turned to meditation, yoga, immersing myself in making music and now -blog writing. I’m turning my frustrations and other general emotions into positive, constructive things! Hi mom, aren’t you proud?! With marijuana usage becoming more and more accepted in society I believe more people will eventually go cold turkey after smoking themselves into oblivion first because why not, it’s fun and something to do.

I mean I haven’t quit forever; I plan on resuming as soon as I’ve figured out my next major moves in life. But wow taking a break is amazing and necessary for me at least. I’m looking forward to the day where I can roll a king size j and get suuuper duuuper blazed420bruh but right now I look forward to waking up everyday with a clear mind and ready to get shit done without having a dependence on my old pal pot. I feel good. Despite being annoyed and frustrated sometimes, I feel really fucking good. I’m grateful that I can appreciate life with and now without weed. Chuch.




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