Out the Mouth: MMONA (Summertime Suicide)

1.) What's your name?

 Morgan Haigh 

2). What's your music name?


3). Where did that name come from?  

I was originally Mona lisa which was picked by this random kid from the lil debbie line "rap game Mona Lisa, masterpiece" lmao. Shortened it to MMONA cause its more smoove. 

4). How long have you been making music?

I've been making music for about 2 years but have been singing my whole life in church choirs and musicals.

5). What was your first project?

IDK I'M HAIGH (Baby's 1st Mixtape)

6). What was your last project?

Summertime Suicide

7). Where did you record this music?

Everything was recorded in my bedroom or my homie/roommate/fellow artist Jimmy V's (s/o) room. 

8). How long did it take from start to finish?

Took me about 2 months to create Summertime Suicide. 

9/10). Did anyone else help with it? Who are they and what did they do?

I usually record myself and mix and master my own vocals but this album I had my good friend Matt Wells aka Great Skies mix two songs (Coconut Water and Taste.) Also can't forget all the talented producers that contributed to to the ep. Yung Salad, Purekut, Drk, KID HNRK, Smokefilleddream, Niko Javan and Great Skies. All mad cool, down to earth people. 

11). Anything impede the making of this record?

Nothing too hectic got in the way of creating Summertime Suicide. I did move to upstate New York from Florida so that put it on a brief pause but otherwise it went flawlessly. 

12). You can only perform 2 songs from this record, which 2? Why?

Definitely Black Sands (featuring Jimmy V produced by Purekut) and Taste (produced by Great Skies) probably my two favorite songs off the album. Jimmy and I have this crazy energy and he is hands down one of my best friends. This track is the tip of the iceburg of our friendship and ourselves as artist. It's mad fun to create with your friends and performing it live with him was literally the tits. Taste is another poppin one that was super inspiring for me. The beat is like everything and Venus was super present when I wrote this track so that's why it has such a sexual energy which is so different from my usual self-expression. 


As an artist I feel like I've really developed in the short amount of time I've been making music. Going from rapping then getting back to my roots and singing and creating a pretty genre-less sound has really shown me there's no limits to the potential of my art. Creating is such a beautiful thing and I feel so lucky that people really can relate or that my songs can evoke an emotional response. I live for art. I live to spread a message of positivity and love that can help others see the light and I live to grow and evolve as a person and musician. Never stop changing. Nothing is permanent.