Whole Tushie

The power of one peson making art.

Whole Tushie available now wherever you listen to music!

"Music is the only art that can reach you in your sleep."

I'm Zachg  and I write folk songs with rap tools. My album Whole Tushie is the story of a Broward artist's patience and hard work paying off in Los Angeles. With weed as your co-pilot, these psychedelic sounds, and my transcendental lyrics about life across the USA, will take you on a trip to someplace new. 

There is a place that few artists remember the way to. It is shrouded in mystery, forever receding behind a fog that is never displaced. It cannot be reached by the faint of heart, or those of infrequent reverence. Society simplifies art, strips it of its magic conductivity, and leaves it shackled to the weight of ever-increasing profit. Without the burdens of corporate accountability art can return us to a culture of mystic potential. A culture where creativity and imagination intervene to displace the shackles of corporate servitude, and subvert the structures of federal control. If you are ready to go there, I will lead you.

This message sponsored by UTARS - The Union of Timely And Responsible Stoners

Here is a link to a federal study conducted by Dr. Donald Tashkin--one of the DEA's favorite experts. He found that cannabis does not cause lung cancer. 

Here is a link to the 2010 FBI Uniform Crime Report. 26.53% of all arrests in the nation are men ages 10 - 24 arrested for cannabis possession.

Here is a link to a study that shows that cannabis helps regenerate brain tissue, and has anti-depressant, as well as anti-anxiety affects.


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"Jesus Christ Smokd Weed So I'm Thinking Bout Growing Some!"

-Pope Pontifex 5000 (Bay Area remix)