Art old

Art Is A Weapon Against a Shitty Future.

Zach Moldof's visual art covers illustration, collage, assemblage, design, and photography. A keen sense of color and composition provide Zach with a foundation that adapts to nearly any medium or materials. Zach's work combines precise articulations of imaginary concepts, unique found objects, and transcendent absurdity, in a practice informed by exceptional life experiences. His work is inspired by a dialogue with artists like Robert Rauschenberg, Hannah Höch, Ray Johnson, Marcel Duchamp, Marcel Broodthaers, Vito Acconci, and John Cage.

 "Robert Rauschenberg, Hannah Höch, Ray Johnson, Marcel Duchamp, Marcel Broodthaers, Vito Acconci, and John Cage"

With nearly half his life spent refining his craft Zach is a rare millenial artist. He is old enough to remember art being obscure, and young enough to be part of the omnipresent cultures of the internet. His array of strange creations depict the world from an unexpected vantage. From this observation point the audience is invited to reach out and touch something impossible, or merely gawk at something grotesque. Regardless of what people may or may not feel when they look at Zach's art, the only thing he intends is for them to question something. 

Zach has exhibited in solo and group shows in Florida, New York, California, and Nevada. His services have helped to provide visual identities, and various types of content for clients in music, tech, fashion, and cannabis.

If you see something good, say something good.