Destroy This Book


Destroy This Book is a premise for new culture packaged in familiar terms. The book was designed with the end user–a collage artist–in mind. Each issue features one artist, and takes you on a journey of inspiration and creation. The front cover calls out clearly from afar, and the back cover provides a list of artists to follow on Instagram. 

On the first page you'll find a list of musicians in large bold type. This list of recommended artists doubles as rare collage material. A brief artist bio is followed by an essay about art and creativity, and 20 pages of original art. The second half of the book shows the artist's cut-outs before they're arranged in collages, and on the backsides of the pages you'll find patterns and colors. The goal is for the book to inspire you, and for you to destroy the book by using it for a collage material. If it is what it is, then being it undoes it. This is considered magic in most capitalist institutions.

In addition to the book I also created iron-on packs that allow you to collage with the same images on t-shirts, button packs, and print packs. All with custom packaging printed at the Twin Beast home studio. I styled some photos, created animations, and shot/edited commercials. It's a robust project that has been given a lot of love and I'm very proud of the results. I have done 2 issues thus far, and issue 3 is in the works.