Zach Moldof

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Zach Moldof

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Zach Moldof is one of the greatest artists on the planet, and his creative work has had a tremendous impact on culture at large in the internet era. He has played a key role in streetwear, internet music culture, medical cannabis, and internet collage culture, utilizing a vast set of creative skills to affect change on the world at large, and steer people towards a better future. 

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He was born in 1981. He grew up in Broward County where he skateboarded, committed petty crimes, and got straight A's in school. Skateboard videos and magazines were his sole source of culture, and in a sea of brutal Southern homogeneity he was: The Token Jewish Weirdo. When he went to college Zach discovered high speed internet, the world of art and music, and being stoned all day. He wasn't in the art program, but he made a lot of art, took a few art classes, and transformed himself from a criminal with potential to an artist at the helm of his destiny. Zach developed into the emblem of young Florida: an enigmatic mix of skateboarding, rap music, and various visual arts enrobed and unified by a cloud of sunset-hued weed smoke, blowing through your town spouting expletives, leaving a wake of laughter, bass, and expanded minds.

Zach's work speaks to the extremes of the times we live in, but he does so in terms that refuse to abandon the subversive nuance of bygone days. Zach doesn't deliver a message to the audience, instead he creates situations where a person can come to a realization that works for them. He is able to accomplish this abstract feat through a natural sense for composition and color; a studious command of vast swathes of cultural knowledge that span the full spectrum of human time, and circumvent the globe; and an exhaustingly refined expertise in his various crafts. In short, Zach is truly a wizard who can transform your understanding of the world and yourself through art.

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Zach has exhibited solo and group shows in Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, Berkeley, Arcata, Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, and Miami. He has produced creative work of various sorts in various capacities for: VICE, Urban Outfitters, Wax Poetics, Mishka, Complex, Noisey, Linda Perry, Shiny Penny Studios, et al. And in case you want one more list of actual factual bullshit Zach has been covered by: Good Magazine, MTV, FACT, Pitchfork, Broward New Times, et al.